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Sports Nutrition

Whether you are an endurance, strength/power, or team sport athlete, Heather Fink, MS, RD, CSSD will develop an individualized sports nutrition program for you. The program can include a nutritional analysis, daily meal plans and nutrition goals, hydration strategies, and race/game day nutrition plans.

Race/game day nutrition plans include what and how much you should consume within 24 hours of the event, as well as exact amounts of fuel to consume throughout the entire competition. Tournament plans that span several days can also be developed.

One of Heather’s specialty areas is helping triathletes to meet their race goals, from sprint through Ironman-distance events. Read the testimonials here.

In addition to individual nutrition consultations, Heather provides the following services:

Athletic Department, Club or Team Sports Nutrition Services

Heather will help to develop sports nutrition policies and procedures for your athletic department or team. She will manage and execute sports nutrition programs tailored to the needs of your athletes, coaches, parents, athletic trainers, and strength and conditioning coaches.  Heather will also work closely as a team with physicians, sports psychologists and therapists. Her team approach will help to effectively enhance athletic performance as well as manage athletes with medical concerns or eating disorders.

Heather is currently the sports dietitian for all the IUPUI Athletic Teams.

Team Presentations

Heather will develop team presentations that will educate and inspire your athletes, coaches and parents. Session topics will depend on the specific needs of your team. However, popular performance nutrition topics include:

Coach Seminars

Seminars will be created by Heather for your coaching staff based on your needs and requests. Sessions can be conducted for an athletic department, sport-specific conferences, certification courses, and club teams. Scheduling a session exclusively for your coaches will ensure a consistent message will subsequently be delivered to all athletes throughout the season.

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"The neatest part of my relationship with Heather is my entire family has adopted Heather’s methodology of eating and exercise... She changes your life for the better, forever. "

Drew Allen