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Q.  What is included in an initial consultation?

A.  Before your initial consultation, you will fill out a health history questionnaire and a 3-day food record for Heather to analyze before your appointment.  During your initial consultation, you will discuss your current diet with Heather and she will provide recommendations for changes and address any specific concerns you have.  In the case of sports nutrition consultations, Heather will discuss recommendations for your daily nutrition and help you formulate a plan for your game/race-day nutrition that you will practice during training.


Q.  What should I expect from follow-up consultations?

A.  During your follow-up consultations, you and Heather will evaluate the degree to which you were able to adopt the changes discussed in your initial consultation and evaluate the resulting benefits you have experienced.  You will discuss with Heather any difficulties you had in adjusting your diet and adapt your plan to find alternatives that work for you.  In the case of sports nutrition consultations, you and Heather will adapt your game/race-day nutrition plan, if necessary, based on your experience while using it during training.


Q.  Will you insist that I eat certain types of foods or do certain kinds of exercise?

A.  No!  Your sessions are catered to your needs and preferences.  Heather will work with you to map out sustainable plans tailored to your lifestyle and tastes.


Q.  Do you accept insurance?

A.  Nutrition and Wellness Solutions, LLC does not submit billing to insurance companies.  You may do so, if you determine your insurance policy provides coverage for nutrition consulting.  If you have a health savings account, Nutrition and Wellness Solutions, LLC services are typically accepted as qualifying expenses.


Q.  Is there a limit to the number of people who can attend a group presentation?

A.  No.  Heather has presented to groups of all sizes.  Please provide an accurate estimate of the number of attendees so that she can prepare adequate materials and tailor the presentation to your group.

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"The neatest part of my relationship with Heather is my entire family has adopted Heather’s methodology of eating and exercise... She changes your life for the better, forever. "

Drew Allen